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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our customers. Private information will be handled in accordance with relevant laws and practices concerning customer privacy.

Safety of Private Information

We will take all necessary steps to ensure that private information will not enter third party hands, will not be lost or broken, nor will any other such breach of private information occur.

Use of Private Information

In using our website, we will inquire after customer names, email addresses and telephone numbers, however this information will only be used in providing our product to our customers. The information we thus acquire will only be used for contact purposes, to communicate updates on our products, and in order to respond to customer inquiries, via email or direct mail.

Releasing Private Information to Third Parties

Only under the following circumstances will we release private information to third parties.

  • Under permission of the customer
  • When the customer desires the related services of a designated third party
  • When it is required by Japanese law that the information be released
  • Upon request of Japanese law enforcement or other Japanese government agencies

Release and Updating of Customer Information

We will accept requests by customers to release or update their own customer information.
Such requests will be denied if customer identity cannot be confirmed.

Contact Regarding our Privacy Policy

Please reach us here for questions concerning our Privacy Policy

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E-mail tsumukisyouten@gmail.com
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