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Green Tea that Evolves

TSUMUKIYUTAKA is carefully raised in Odai-town, alongside the fresh waters of the Miyagawa. Tsumukiyutaka grows a deeper taste, year by year, due to these good waters and an innovative fertilizing system.


Tsumukiyutaka is a tea that has been developed based upon the conviction that the tea we drink daily, should be good tea, with quality that is inexhaustible.
We have crowned our brand, Tsumukiyutaka, with the name of our president, Yutaka Tsumuki.


Tsumukiyutaka is grown in virulent soil, a product of careful collaboration between tea farmers and fertilizer suppliers.
It is a process that requires time and meticulous planning making for tea that continues to evolve.


Tsumikiyutaka’s way of tea-making is not suited for production on any large scale.
Tsumikiyutaka is applied to only a limited group of tea farms.We wish to spread the aroma and fine body of our tea to as many people in the world as we can.

A product is this

Tojo's is a well known restaurant in Vancouver, frequented by celebrities and awared many times in the past.

Tojo's Original tea bags are sold at Tojo's restaurants.

In answer to requrests that the tea served in the store be made available to the general public,TSUMIKIYUTAKA has been packaged and sold at Tojo's in Tojo's orginal packages.